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by Brook Peterson, Author, June 15, 2021
I love listening to audio books whenever I'm cleaning the house or taking a long drive.  While YouTube might not be the first place you think of when you go to find an audio book, there are a surprising number of authors who read their books aloud there.  While you can watch the video, it's not necessary.  I stick my phone in my pocket, earbuds in my ears and simply listen. Hey, FREE audio books!

I've joined their ranks and am reading A History of Murder on my YouTube channel.  Make sure to choose Episode 1 first, and progress through the chapters accordingly. Please join me by subscribing so you'll be notified each time I add a new chapter.  As an added bonus, when I reach 20 subscribers I'll be giving away a signed paperback of the book. 

If you like this format, you don't want to miss readings by Sarra Cannon and T.L. Brown. 
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