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When it comes to murder, will history repeat itself?

When Chloe Martin makes the long overdue, and much-dreaded trip to Jericho Falls, Nevada, to check on her Grandma, she doesn’t plan on staying long. In fact, she has every intention of hightailing it right back to Idaho and leaving the historic mining town he loves to hate, for good.

But then, a man turns up dead in the flower bed and memories about lost loves and lost lives begin to surface. To complicate matters, Chloe finds herself in a love triangle almost as tricky as the mystery she has to solve.

Will Chloe, with the help of Elliot the tuxedo cat, and Jed the adorable pup, be able to find the killer? Just as important, will Chloe finally find peace in Jericho Falls?

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Cat + Christmas Tree = The Present Predicament

It’s Christmastime and Jericho House’s halls are decked to such an extent it resembles a mansion in the North Pole, not the mountains of Nevada.  There’s only one problem, Elliot the tuxedo cat keeps climbing the behemoth Christmas tree in the parlour and breaking priceless, antique ornaments.

When Grandma Lily and Chloe decide the solution is to divert him with lots of presents around the tree, it sets off a domino effect of predicaments, culminating in the complete loss of Grandma’s Christmas spirit.

Will Chloe be able to revive Grandma’s holiday cheer despite being somewhat of a grinch herself? And what about handsome Police Chief Garner?  Will he come to Chloe’s aid?

Join Chloe, Grandma Lily, their furry friends, and the rest of the Jericho Falls cast for a small-town Christmas caper.

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"This is the story of Little Bird, who lived with his grandma on the roof of Mama Mia's Italian Restaurant. Little Bird was always late. Terribly, impossibly, late."

Little Bird hates to get up early to go worm hunting. So, when he discovers a sneaky solution that allows him to sleep-in every day, he thinks he's very clever. Until one day, something terrible happens.  A funny tale for kids demonstrating what can happen when we decide to take short cuts instead of making wise choices.

Harper is very hungry. Her tummy keeps scaring her dog, Cowboy, whenever it goes, G-R-R-R. But every time Harper tries to get herself a snack, something goes wrong.

Little does she know, her mama is cooking up something wonderful for them both.

With colorful pictures, this heartwarming story is sure to please kids (and parents too).

★Recipe Included★

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